Google calculator, the easiest.

When you are online on the Internet and need the calculator, just open and then search using  key word:  Calculator, then the Google web Calculator  will appear.
After Google web calculator appears, then you can use it, and although the internet connection is disconnected, you still be able to use this calculator. It needs Internet connection only when first loading.

NTI Enviromux Default Password

NTI Enviromux is Environment Monitoring System for your Data center.


The Default username and password
user : root
password : admin

The default ip address for NTI Enviromux ENVIROMUX-SEMS-16 :

Why Only hear the sound from one speaker in my iPhone 4 / 4S ?

When playing a music or sound in the iPhone 4 /4S, try to block the speaker hole (at the bottom of the iPhone) using your thumb or finger and you will know that only one speaker produces the sound, only the right side speaker. and the left side speaker does not work. why? is it a problem with your iPhone 4 /4S ?.

The answer is not a problem with your iPhone, because the left side is not a speaker, it is a microphone, for pick-up your voice when speaking.

Microphone and Speaker at iPhone 4
The microphone of course will not produces the sound :)
The iPhone 4 /4S only has one speaker.

How to Enter to Safe Mode Samsung Galaxy S5

In Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S5 you can go into Safe Mode when you need to find or solve the problem. In Safe mode all third-party Apps/Applications will be disable or not active, only default Samsung Galaxy S5 Apps will be active.

To go to Safe Mode Samsung Galaxy S5:

• During power is on, Press and hold Power button
Device options will appear