How to Check Module Function of Samsung Galaxy S4 S5

In the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5 , to check or test the functionality of each module and features whether the function is ok or not like check the screen, camera, sensors, speakers, wifi etc, the way is from phone menu by pressing *#0*#  then tap/press call.

Then after the menu appears, you can choose by pressing the function icon that you want to check.

Showing The Day from Date Given in Excel

In Microsoft Excel if you want to now what day from date, month, and year given,  for example if you want to know the day your grand mother was born,  it's very easy. just set  the cell using cell format menu.

Run Ms Excel
Give the name of rows for example Date and Day
Date is  for entering date month year
Day is for showing the Day name

In the B2 cell write: =b1  then hit the Enter key

View Header Yahoo Mail

Headers in an email contains the routing information, including sender, recipient, date and subject.
From, to, date  are mandatory. Subject, CC, are optional but very commonly used.

In Yahoo Mail, to show the full header of an email that comes to your inbox :

Open or select the email
Go to More menu
Choose/click View full Header 

Hide Text in Notepad

You can make your text  in Notepad to be invisible. It is very simple to do, just open the command (CMD), make new Notepad file using command, copy or write your text in to that Notepad, and save the file. Then when you or someone try to open the file using Windows explorer or Notepad will not be able to see the text (data).

How to hide text in Notepad ? :
• Run the Command Prompt by press Windows+R then write CMD then click OK or hit Enter.
For Windows 8 , toggle to Metro interface by pressing the Windows key, write CMD, will automatically searching for Command prompt, when Command prompt icon appear then press CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER. Or right-click on Command Prompt then choose Run as Administrator.