Deleting BBM Chat History (Blackberry Messenger) On V5 OS

You can see and read again for next time  all conversation or chats on your Blackberry Messenger (BBM) using menu :  Chat History, that stored in device memory.
So if you do not want someone (nearest one) to see your chats, you have to delete the history from Chat history.
Using End Chat is  not  delete your chat, it (end chat) is only clearing from display, not delete. The conversations are still in the memory.

To delete permanently your chats history :

- Open The Blackberry Messenger
- Choose and open your contact that you want to delete the history
- Click/tap Blackberry Menu (Blackberry Logo)
- Click/tap on View Chat History
(the chats history will appear)

- Click/tap again in Menu (Blackberry logo)
- Click/tap on Delete Contact's History ( for deleting individual contact 'chats history  (on step 2),
or choose Delete Complete History if you want to delete all history (all contacts).

To check whether the history already delete or not, go to the View Chat History menu again.