How To Backup BBM Contact

Usually we realized  need to backup data is when damage has occurred or the events that cause loss of data, any data, computer, Smartphone, etc..

Make a backup of important data before undesirable things occur,
included in this backup of  BBM (Blackberry Messenger) contacts, because if lost BBM contacts, and you do not have a back up, you must reinvite  your friends one by one

In contrast if you have a back up, just do a restore, all your contacts will reappear.

How to backup your Blackberry Messenger contacts (for OS V.5)

Open BB Messenger
Click the menu button (logo)
Select Options

Scroll down, look for Backup Management
Select Backup
Then, select the Back up files locally (for easier)
Click the Back Up Now
Rename the file name (if desired),
Choose a folder location to save, then press Save

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