How to know whether Blackberry Wifi has Internet Blackberry Data Access or Not

When you turn on/switch on the Blackberry wifi, then the wifi indicator(icon) will appear at the right up of the display.

After connected to the internet hotspot/access point , you can see  the indicator icon whether the connection has an internet Blackberry data access or not.

Here are the indicators :
  it means : don't have an internet Blackberry data access
  it means :  has an internet Blackberry data access.

Wifi with internet Blackberry data Access

Wifi with no Blackberry data Access

If you are not in the Blackberry service (you are not subscribed to the Blackberry service), and  your Blackberry device is connected to the internet hotspot, the icon indicator will be  . You are able to surf on the internet (use Hotspot browser, but without any Blackberry service).

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