How to Test ATX Power Supply

 ATX Power Supply (Advanced Technology eXtended) is a standard power supply  is used on desktop computers at the moment.

When a desktop computer have a problem, can not turn on for example or hangs, the cause could be due to a faulty Power Supply.
To know  an ATX power supply is damaged /has a problem or not, is by measure the output voltage available at the output terminal / connector, using a Volt meter, or AVO meter (Ampere Voltage Ohm meter).

Power supply test using AVO meter is more accurate result, but do it more difficult, and requires a longer time because they have to check the voltage on the pins one by one. and we need knowledge about electricity and voltage, and  know how to  use AVO meters, which is of course not everyone can do it.

Currently there is an easy way to know whether a power supply has a problem / damaged or not,  using a tool called Power Supply Tester.

How to use? Just connect the output power supply plug / connector to the Power Supply Tester input. If it is good then the LED indicator will light up according to that pin is measured. If there is a LED not work (not light up), it means that the ATX Power Supply is damaged

Power Supply Tester are now widely sold in stores equipment / computer components, or the internet store. I bought cost less than $5  at a local store here.

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