How to Uninstall Windows 8 on Dual boot with Windows 7

If you have Windows 8 on dual boot with Windows 7 and now you decide to remove / uninstall the Windows 8, you need a simple trick to do that.

How to Remove Windows 8 on dual boot ?
First you need the Boot manager tool, i use Easy BCD , go to for download easy bcd. Or you can use your other boot manager tools.

Run your Windows 7 and install the boot manager on it

After installed, run the boot manager (I uses Easy BCD)

Choose Edit Boot Menu
Select Windows 8
Click Delete
Save Setting

Now You can delete the partition from the Computer Management menu (Right click on Computer --> choose Manage--> Storage-->Disk Management) or format the drive where Windows 8 installed, if you can't , try the windows to restart first.

If on the drive where Windows 8 installed you have data (not possible to re-partition or format the disk), you can delete Windows 8 folder manually, but take longer time.

Now only a Windows 7 on your Computer.