How to Set Google as a Timer

Using Google search engine you can make an online timer. This can be used as an alternative for you if you need a timer in your job or activities.
To make Google as a timer what you have to do is only setting the time for timer on the search column of Google.

You can set :
• Hour, minute, and second,
• Hour and minute
• Hour Only
• Minute and Second
• Minute only
• Second only

How to write ?

• Open Google on your browser
• Set / type the timer you need on Google search column
example :
timer for 1 hours 30 minutes 
(it means: make timer for 1 hour and 30 minutes)

others examples (you can set timer what you want, limited to 24 hours) :

timer for 5 hours 
(make timer for 5 hour)

timer for 1 hour 20 minutes 30 second
timer for 10 minutes
timer for 50 seconds

The timer will start to count down
you can stop or reset the timer when it is running,
if time is up, the alarm sound will play.

Good luck