How to Delete WhatsApp Chat / Conversation On Blackberry

Deleting chat conversations or history on Blackberry, is one of the ways to maintain a good performance of your Blackberry, including chat conversations or history on your WhatsApp application.

There are two ways to delete or remove the Blackberry WhatsApp  conversations , :
1• Directly by deleting at each line of chat
2• From the settings menu to delete all chat conversations

The first way is to remove the chat conversations of each line of the chat  with placing the cursor directly to the chat line you want to delete, and then  press the del on the keypad,  the conversation will be deleted

The second way is to delete all chat conversation:
•  Open the Settings menu

•  Scroll down the cursor and select Advanced Settings

• Press the menu button (blackberry logo)

Select Clear Chat History or Delete Message History, a warning will appear asking if you really want to delete, select Delete if you are sure.