Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows 8

For my friends who have been using Windows 8, better to know the keyboard shortcuts because it certainly will help simplify and speed up to get to the certain menus, which is certainly a lot different to the previous versions of Windows.

• Press the Windows Logo to go to the Start Screen menu
 Press the Windows Logo + D to enter to the Windows Desktop
 Press the Windows Logo +. to pin /unpin Windows applications to be placed on the left or right of the screen

 Press the Windows Logo + X to go to the Power User menu, such as Control Panel, Device Manager, Command Prompt, Device Manage, Disk Management, etc.
 Press the Windows Logo + C to go to Charm menu
 Press the Windows Logo + I to go into the settings menu
 Press the Windows Logo + Tab To switch to another application that has been opened before
 Press the Windows Logo + Print Screen  to capture on-screen display, and save automatically to the Picture folder (My Picture)
 Press the Windows Logo + + for Magnifier (zoom menu) and Windows Logo + - to Zoom out.