Take a Screenshot in Windows 8

Same as previous Windows, to screenshot or capture the screen in Windows 8, is using Prt Scn key (Print Screen key of the keyboard). When prt scn key is pressed, the screen data  will be copied to clipboard then you can  paste it to the Picture editor software like MS Paint or  directly paste to the Office application like Ms Office (MS Word, MS Excel, Power Point, etc).

In Windows 8, beside can copy to the clipboard, it can also create/generate new picture file saved on pictures Folder.

• To capture/screenshot only active window : Press Alt Key + Prt Scn key (copy to clipboard only)
• To capture all display screen : press Prt Scn (copy to clipboard only)

• To capture and also generated picture file in Picture Folder : Press Windows key + Prt Scn, it will copied to the clipboard and created a picture file in folder : Pictures\Screenshot.

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