How To Make Dummy Text

You will need dummy texts for example when designing a webpage, blog, news paper layout or magazine, etc.
For dummy text usually we use Lorem Ipsum. Lorem ipsum is  texts  placed to demonstrate visual elements such as graphics or presentation layout , fonts, or typographical.
Using Lorem ipsum is meant  to make the user not too concentrate on the meaning of a written sentence, but rather a design element from the displayed text.

How to Generate Lorem Ipsum ?

Open Microsoft Word
type :    = lorem ( )  then press enter , then a range of sentences in Latin are formed

To more specific amount of paragraphs and sentences

type:  = lorem (4,5) then press enter, (will create 4 paragraphs, 5 sentences)
change numbers as you need

first/blue is number of paragraphs will be created
second/red is amount sentences of each paragraphs

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