Hide Text in Notepad

You can make your text  in Notepad to be invisible. It is very simple to do, just open the command (CMD), make new Notepad file using command, copy or write your text in to that Notepad, and save the file. Then when you or someone try to open the file using Windows explorer or Notepad will not be able to see the text (data).

How to hide text in Notepad ? :
• Run the Command Prompt by press Windows+R then write CMD then click OK or hit Enter.
For Windows 8 , toggle to Metro interface by pressing the Windows key, write CMD, will automatically searching for Command prompt, when Command prompt icon appear then press CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER. Or right-click on Command Prompt then choose Run as Administrator.

The command prompt will appear.
• Go to drive or directory you want to create Notepad file, in this example I choose c:\ for creating and saving the file. I type cd\  then hit enter to go to root directory.

• Now you can create the hide text, for example the name of file is : myNote.txt with code: 1234
write :
notepad  myNote.txt:1234
then hit Enter key

• Will ask that the file is not exist, and want to be created.. click Yes to create new file
• Write your text or copy from your document
• Save the file (CTRL+S)

• Exit from Notepad.

• Now try to open the file using windows explorer, or Run the Notepad then open that text file. It can be opened but nothing text inside the file

 Notepad is empty

• You cannot see the text using Windows explorer or open using Notepad with normal way.
• Use the command prompt again to open the file and see the text.

notepad myNote.txt:1234

You can use file name  and the code what you want. dont forget the code.