How to copy file or data from computer with damaged Operating System

Because of operating system is damage, the computer stop working, and of course you cannot access to the files, all documents, etc.
Before reinstalling or re-formatting the operating system, you must get all data, documents what you need.

There are two ways to copy the files :
1. Take out / remove  the hard drive and connect to other computer in order to read the disk.
2. Using  Live CD with file explorer in it (without removing the harddisk)

In this post, using the second way by Live CD from Puppylinux, Lucid Puppy.
Boot the computer using Lucid Puppy, with GUI (like Windows) copy the files from computer harddrive to the USB flashdisk or to external hard drive.

• Download the ISO file from , or search on the web using keyword: Lucid Puppy download. At this time I use Lucid Puppy version 5.2.8. the size is 135 MB.

• After downloaded, burn the ISO file to disc/CD R. use burning software to do it.
• Prepare the USB flashdisk or USB external harddrive and then connect to USB port of the computer.
• Put the Lucid Puppy disc to the CD/DVD drive.
• Set boot priority in BIOS setting, First boot is to the CD/DVD .

• After loaded, the view of Lucid Puppy 5.2.8 will be like this capture:

Lucid Puppy 5.2.8
• You can see in the red circle are the drives those detected by the system. When clicked will be the same as Windows explorer, you can del, copy, etc.
• To copy, open source disc, select the files or folder, open the target disc, then you can drag and drop,  as you can do it in Windows or other GUI operating system.