Tecsun PL-380 Volume not working

I have Tecsun PL-380 multi bands radio receiver. It had a problem in audio volume. to increase or decrease level of volume sometime work sometimes not work. I don't know what causes, maybe because not be used for a long time.

I decided to open the cover to see what happen inside the radio.
The problem solved after I disconnect and reconnect the board. (see the picture) .

1. Use small (plus +) screwdriver  to remove 5 screws.

2. After opening the cover,

3. Remove one screw at backside.

 4. Disconnect and connect the board. Be carefully, you must put the connector back properly.

5. Reinstall and put all screws back.

After disconnect and reconnect the board, my radio volume is back to normal again.

Maybe you have the same problem, you may try.