'Virtual machine appears to be in use', resolve

I was not able to open my Guest OS in VMware Workstation, it had a warning say 'Virtual machine appears to be in use'. in fact my vm was not in use
I don't know what is the cause, I guess maybe there was imperfect shutdown process, I am not sure.
My guest OS on VMware workstation 14  is OS X El Capitan, previously normal, has no problems.

The warning is like this below :

Already pressed 'Take Ownership' button but still couldn't be opened.

The solution:
After trying various ways, I get the solution. My VM already work normally now.
I found and deleting the *.lcks file (lock file maybe)  there were 3 lck files, located in the same directory/folder of the virtual machine.

If you have the same problem with your VM, you can try this option.