Saving Bing background image

When opening Bing search engine at, you will see the beautiful and amazing image at the background.
How to save this background image ?

To save or download Bing background image :

1. Use Google Chrome web browser in your computer/laptop.
2. Open Bing at
3. Right-click at background image

4. Choose/click the Sources tab. (see capture below for detail)
5. At Page sub tab, choose >  az/hprichbg/rb folder.
6. You will see the file/s, in this example the file is RoyalAlbert_ROW1003441...jpg

7. Right-click at the image then you can choose which option you want.
I prefer to choose Open image in new tab.
8. After image show in new tab, right-click at the image, choose Save image as.
then Choose target location in your computer.