How to use two WhatsApp in one Smartphone


Nowadays smartphone generally has two SIM card slots and also it has capability to use 'Dual Apps'. It means the application can be use for 2 accounts.  

In Android to know whether your smartphone has 'dual apps' you can check from the 'Settings'-->'Apps'. There you will see the  'dual apps' if your smartphone has it.


To set the second account ( second number) of WhatApp in one Android smartphone :

1. The both of  SIM card slots must be active (2 active phone numbers).
2. Go to 'Settings' then choose 'Apps'.
3. Find out the 'WhatsApp', then switch it on ( from grey to be blue).


4. At the home screen you will see the new icon of WhatsApp with yellow circle on it.

5. Run the new WhatsApp. Follow the wizard, it will be the same as when you install the WhatsApp in generally. Use another phone number/second number (second SIM card).

Now you already have two WhatsApps in your smartphone.